Fish and Chips – The Beer Battered Fish

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Friday night for a while was fish and chip night at our house. Why? Because fish and chips, gastro sovereignty of Great Britain, has been traditionally consumed on Friday nights in the same way that a roast meal has been served on a Sunday afternoon. My mum would often park outside our local ‘chippy’ in Richmond and I would run in and pick up our orders. Tearing open those sheets of paper, I would drench my fish and chips in malt vinegar and tomato and tartar sauce.

All Brits will verify the necessity of all 3 condiments, fish and chips, steam and the sheets of paper they are wrapped in. To not eat directly from the paper wrapping means you have not eaten fish and chips, so, save your fine china for high tea sandwiches as it will just interfere with this dish.

Whilst I have not provided the recipe for chips (thick hand cut fries) trusting that you will fill in the blanks, I am offering you my humble beer battered fish. The batter is crispy and fluffy allowing the fish to steam inside. Serve with chips, a chilled bottle of beer and an episode of the British ‘Office’.


4 (1lb) pieces of cod (or haddock)
1 cup of plain flour
8oz of beer (lager/ stout)
1 beaten egg
Tsp thyme
Salt and pepper


1) Heat the oil for deep frying
2) Combine the flour, beer, egg, thyme, salt and pepper and whisk until smooth
3) Sprinkle the fish with flour and dip into the batter
4) Fry until golden brown (approx 5 minutes)
Serving Suggestions:
Serve with thick, hand cut fries (similar to steak fries), salt, malt vinegar, tomato sauce and tartar sauce

Pearls of Wisdom

Very little wisdom required in these 4 steps

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