Repentless Exotica – Ceviche served with Sweet Potato, Corn and Lettuce

Aug 16, 2010 by

In another couple of weeks the weather will cool down and we will take the warm welcoming hand of high calorie comfort food to get us through the next 8 months. Today’s dish is a ceviche salad packed with intense flavors and is so gratifying that you will even crave it during those sluggish, waist-thickening (or wherever your problem areas reside) days ahead.

Considered to be the national dish of Peru, ceviche is a dish of bite-sized pieces of fresh and firm white fish marinated in lime juice, slivers of red onions and chopped chilies. Have your taste buds woken up now? There is a real marriage of flavor from all the ingredients in this dish and the lime gives the fish a slightly sealed texture.

Be bountiful in how you eat this dish and free yourself from all notions of guilt as this is a low-calorie dish. To make this a complete meal, we serve it with a boiled or roasted sweet potato to absorb the spicy lime juice ‘tiger’s milk’, a piece of grilled corn and some lettuce.


2 lbs orange roughy/ sea bass/ flounder fillet
1 large red onion
3 Serrano chillies
Juice of 16 limes
Sea salt & cracked black pepper


1. Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces
2. Finely slice 1 large red onion and the chillies
3. Squeeze the juice from the all the limes
4. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and season with salt
5. Allow the mixture to stand for approximately 10 minutes

Serving Suggestions

1. To eat as an appetizer, serve ceviche on individual pieces of Boston lettuce
2. To eat as a main course, serve with boiled or roasted yams, lettuce and a piece of corn

Pearls of Wisdom

Use a firm white fish to avoid the fish breaking down. The lime juice cooks the fish and if you choose a flaky fish, it will disintegrate

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  1. Shirley

    A perfect summer dish, spicy and tangy! Looks amazing!


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