Salt and Pepper Squid

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Few Saturday’s ago, we decided to walk around the farmers market. My level of enthusiasm to spend hours walking around, marveling over the local produce and artisanal edibles was of no surprise. What was a surprise was to witness the zealousness of my 5 and 3 year old.

Scurrying from stall to stall with toothpicks in their hands of pickled okra or duck sausage, they made no hesitation to provide prompt feedback to the respective purveyors. Pulling me here, there and everywhere, they brought me to the seafood stand. I was impressed, since left to my own devices I rarely make it beyond the produce stalls. It was a small kiosk of a stand boasting of the most unconventional variety. I opted for my favorite cephalopod ‘squid’ though it had some pretty interesting contenders, such as blow fish and skate.

Since I have never made squid at home I decided to play it safe and make salt and pepper squid topped with chili and garlic. This dish is crispy and peppery and will satisfy your sweet, salty and spicy craving all in a mouthful. Apart from purchasing the squid, this dish requires very little organization and can be fired up in an absolute jiffy.


Canola oil
1lb Squid
4 egg whites
5tblsp corn flour
Maldon Salt
Fresh Red Chili, cut in to rings
3 cloves of fresh garlic, sliced


1) Heat a deep fryer/deep frying pan with canola oil and check that the oil is hot enough (drop a piece of bread and if it immediately sizzles, the oil is ready)
2) Remove the squid tentacles and set aside. Cut the squid body in to ½ thick rings. Pat the squid dry
3) Working in batches’, dip the squid in the egg white mixture and then lightly coat in a mixture of corn flour, salt and pepper
4) In small batches, fry in the oil for a couple of minutes and drain well on paper towels
5) Serve hot with a sprinkle of Maldon salt, a dash of pepper, sugar, chili and garlic

Serving Suggestions

Serve with a sweet chili sauce or a salad of sweet pickled cucumbers and thinly sliced onions

Pearls of Wisdom

Make sure the oil is hot before frying the squid and work in small batches to avoid cooling the oil down

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